Linkage of Always-on-display, Lockscreen and Homescreen

Always-on-display, since introduced on MIUI 11, has been widely welcomed by the user. The always-on display blurs the boundary of whether your phone is in use or not, making the transition between real life and virtual world naturally and smoothly. Why not take a step further and link always-on-display, lockscreen and homescreen with a series of interconnected animations? The thought came across MIUI engineers’ mind and this is where the initial idea of MIUI Super wallpaper came from. 

To create a more consistent user experience, MIUI engineers have been considering how to make the wakening of your phone as natural as opening a door. Regarding this issue, the continuity of space shifting and the physical laws of motions must be taken into consideration. Reality is also important in virtual space. Whenever possible, MIUI wants to ensure the user a natural operating experience. “Planet” was taken as the carrier of Super wallpaper, as the concept of landing on a planet coincides with the idea of shuttling through reality and imagination.



Original data of Mars’ landform was extracted from the high-definition photographing project co-launched by NASA and Arizona State University. This data was processed with high-precision 3D modeling to restore the Martian landscape. 

The frequency spectrum captured by satellite can’t be seen directly with naked eyes, and that’s why a secondary processing was necessary. By repainting the data captured by satellite on RGB channels, the colors were finally made visible to human eyes. What should real Mars be like? MIUI team kept imaging and adjusting. It was after many times of debugging that the final presentation of Super wallpaper with such a strong visual impact came to life.

MIUI team drew on the filming method of long take and applied it to Super wallpaper. When the user taps to enter the homescreen, Mars would zoom in, generating a feeling of diving into the surface of Mars. In order to achieve the continuity of time and space, many transition effects, blurring effects and other animation effects were integrated. For example, with the 3D real-time rendering, every frame of MIUI Super wallpaper reflects the “real experience of shuttling”. The user can even find that the light of the screen is time-varying and perspective-changing. 

In addition, Mars on the screen will dim when dark mode is enabled. Mars, 100.57 million kilometers away from earth, seems to be insubstantial to many people. However, what we touch is virtual, but what we feel is real.


Different from Mars, which exists only in our imagination, Super wallpaper of earth should be made close to reality all the more as every location is real. The rendering of perspective, refraction and light of earth is much more difficult than that of Mars. Every frame of Super wallpaper has been processed to achieve 3D effect. MIUI team devoted to optimize every detail so as to bring the user a tuley lifelike experience with MIUI 12.

Last modified: 2020-10-12