Starting from MIUI 5, Xiaomi has been trying to build world-class system animations. Animations were specially introduced as a highlight at the launch of MIUI 6. The evolution of MIUI witnessed the transformation of system animations. The latest MIUI update brings a huge revamp to system animations and integrates a refreshed interface for better user experience.

Behind MIUI animations are strenuous efforts from the team. With the design philosophy inspired by nature, a bottom-up technological restructure was constructed, integrating a whole set of animation engine, render engine and illustration engine that form the Mi Light Cone Animation Framework. Under this structure, the animations in MIUI 12 are more lifelike and fluent, the G2 continuity curve is made more seamlessly fitted with the hardware and the effect of real-time blur is achieved. 

Mi Light Cone Animation Framework

Blurring operation is another difficulty. There is little support for the blurring effect in the Android system, let alone partial blurring. However, a strong structure support is essential for a superb visual experience. The writing of the blurring operation cost the team another several months.

Normally, motion mode on the screen is obtained through coordinate calculation, the result of which is rather blunt. On the basis of a self-developed physical engine, MIUI 12 managed to restore the reality, with icons moving like real objects and every detail becoming tangibly real. Animations in MIUI 12 cover all applications and scenarios to form a lifelike system experience, which subverts people’s cognition of what Android-based animations can be.


The dynamic effect of the Weather app is lively, yet two months before the launch, it was still far from satisfactory. It is a huge project demanding collaborations from the design team and R&D team. On the one hand, designers kept adjusting the visual presentation to make it more vivid and likelike. On the other hand, engineers faced the challenges to achieve it through technical ways. It is exactly the combination of insistence and innovation that make for the final visual feast of animations in MIUI 12.

Last modified: 2020-09-25