Xiaomi introduced “Dark Mode” to MIUI 10 in early 2019 and this feature was widely welcomed by the user. This feature was passed on to MIUI 11 with some slight improvements and now, catering to the user’s expectation, MIUI 12 has made a thorough revamp so that users can enjoy a more consistent experience across the system.

Adaptation across the system

Users who have enabled Dark Mode on MIUI 11 may find that this feature doesn’t apply to third-party apps. In MIUI 12, a system-wide adaptation is achieved, which means that Dark Mode is now available for all apps and system pages. Once enabled, the light of your phone’s screen is lowered and the standby time of your phone is extended.

Adaptation arcoss the system

Automatic adjustment

Dark mode on MIUI 12 is designed to adjust automatically according to different ambient lights, which serves the comforts of your eyes to the largest extent. When the brightness is low, the contrast will lower accordingly. Similarly, when the brightness is high, the contrast will bump up to a higher level. The fonts will also change dynamically in terms of font-weight, glare and blurriness. Once the dark mode is turned off, they will return to normal to suit the light mode. Last but not least, under the Dark mode, the wallpaper will be dimmed at the pixel level to simulate natural day and night lights, so that the user won’t be dazzled at the wake-up of the screen.


MIUI 12 provides more customization options for the user. If you want to enable Dark mode for specific apps, you can toggle them individually in the settings. There is also a Schedule switch in the setting of Dark mode, with which you can set specific period for Dark mode. 

Dark mode customization
Last modified: 2020-09-25