Beijing, China, July 1, 2020 – MIUI 12 Global Stable ROMs now officially come to a select of Xiaomi devices including Mi 9, Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro. The much-awaited update integrates a whole slew of bottom-up renovations, fully revamped UI experience and smart functionalities that have been widely expected by Xiaomi’s global users and partners. “We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Xiaomi, bringing together the intelligence and helpfulness of Android with Xiaomi’s unique hardware and software experiences,” said Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s VP of Strategy for Android. “Xiaomi’s focus on excellence in its products enriches the lives of its users around the world.”

Visual design enhancement 

With system-level technical innovations, MIUI 12 creates an ultra-smooth UI experience which is embodied in system-wide animations and visualizations, introducing a lifelike OS experience where every detail becomes tangibly real. 

Reproducing real-world movement, MIUI 12 comes with system-level animations creating lifelike visual experience. Layered icons reflect the trajectory of movement and intuitively react to gestures. Icons in MIUI 12 notice how users interact with them and respond to every touch differently. Delicate anti-aliasing rounds the corners of the UI elements dynamically and creates a perfect fit with the hardware. 


MIUI 12 reinvented the way information is displayed. With integration of realistic visualizations across the system, information and status is perceived at a single glance, making it more informative and comprehensible. Visualized elements also acknowledge the user’s presence by reflecting motion in animations, which makes every glance at the screen unique and personal.


MIUI 12 brings brand new Notification shade and Control center. Swipe down from the left side of the status bar to open the Notification shade. Toggles, stats, and controls are moved to the new Control center which can be opened by swiping down from the right side of the status bar. By tapping the button in the upper right corner of the Control center, users can see all available toggles to choose and rearrange. 

One of the most welcomed features, Super Wallpaper, is another visually pleasing addition to MIUI 12. Super wallpapers combine Always-on display, Home screen, and Lock screen into an exciting space mission, with stunning reconstructions of iconic planetary landforms based on NASA’s official imagery, granting users with an wholesome immersive experience when swiping through their phones.

Super Wallpaper

Floating windows among other smart functionalities 

Across MIUI 12, a series of smart features are introduced, among which floating windows bring  an excellent multitasking solution for mobile devices.

Floating windows allow the user to handle different windows at the same time, saving the trouble of constantly switching between apps. The feature is so handy that the user can easily move, close, and resize the windows with simple gestures. For example, when a text message comes while a video is playing, the user can reply in the floating window without pausing the video. Users can drag the floating window to the corner of the screen to minimize it. Tapping it will bring the floating window back and double-tapping will enable the full-screen mode. Floating windows make multitasking on mobile devices seamless, convenient and disturbance-free.

Floating windows

MIUI 12 takes steps to improve casting, a must-have tool for presenters. It supports a wide range of items including documents, apps, videos, and games. Casting is also available when the screen is off. The user is provided with an option to hide private items, under which floating notifications and incoming calls are not allowed to appear on external monitors. 

MIUI 12 is equipped with a whole series of other handy features. The enhanced Dark Mode is adopted across systems, covering system apps and third-party apps alike. Catering to the user’s expectations, MIUI 12 now introduces App drawer in this update, satisfying the user’s needs to arrange screens according to their preferences. When the phone’s battery is running low, Ultra battery saver can be enabled to extend the phone’s standby time and reduce power consumption.

Last modified: 2020-09-25